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Foreign exchange accessible everywhere, without delay, at fair rates.
All the expertise of FXGS services combined
with the logistical power of Loomis.

Les devises by Loomis FXGS

FXGS Dual selling

Outsourced logistics

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FXGS Wholesale

Outsourced logistics
and main stock

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FXGS Advanced

Outsourced logistics
and orders

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FXGS Pick & Pack

Outsourced operations

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FXGS Cash 24/7

Outsourced ATMs

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Currency expertise
(2200 denominations).
Access to a monotheque.

Publication of the prices

Currency rates
published daily.


Complementary currency service for banks
(purchase/sale, logistics, secure storage,
rate management, reporting).

White label

Integration of the bank's
identity on all transaction documents
and dedicated web access for
the bank's customers.

Cours des devises

Achat Vente
USD United States 1,108 0,982
GBP United Kingdom 0,899 0,796
CHF Switzerland 1,108 0,982
CAD Canada 1,421 1,259
DKK Denmark 8,038 6,846
NOK Norway 10,606 9,034
SEK Sweden 11,222 9,558
JPY Japan 144,160 127,840
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