CPOR becomes Loomis FXGS,
The future of gold and Forex.

A partner of trust

Credit institution,
partner of all
banks in France.
No. 1 in France for 40 years
in the entire sector
(stock price of gold,
dissemination of currency rates
for banks).
100% Loomis subsidiary:
The resources and the network
of the Loomis Group at the service
of currencies and gold.
180 banks, 110 exchange offices,
95% of the market.
Headquarters in France,
International activity: Europe,
Africa (16 countries).
Subject to the supervision of the ACPR
in France and the ECB (in addition to
internal audit) + ISAE 3402.

FXGS in a nutshell

Tourism and business travel.
All currencies, conservation,
investment or collection gold.
Touristic areas (hotels, cruise ships,
casinos,...), business districts, border areas.
Currencies: universal, ubiquitous means of payment,
accessible, safe.
Gold: a way to balance investment portfolios,
a passion of collectors.

For currencies

Loomis FXGS puts currency at your fingertips for travel and business anywhere, anytime,
at fair rates.

For gold

Easy access, trading and preservation of gold for buyers, sellers or collectors in France only.

Choose Loomis FXGS

As a credit institution, Loomis FXGS relies on an international logistics network, an agile business model and its unique gold and currency expertise to ensure optimal quality of service.


Expertise and specialization, credit institution, end to end service,
Qos, global player, international network, agile business model, innovation...

True customer value

Quality of service, white label, simplified management, direct customer relations
rates, "one stop shop" (FX and local currency), ...

Loomis Group

From the first stagecoach of Wells Fargo to the arrival of connected safes,
"smart data" and immediate credit, Loomis has always been part of the evolution of cash.
Every day, the Group helps thousands of banks, companies and individuals around the world to make the most of cash. In a world in constant transformation, Loomis is playing a key role in the evolution of the cash ecosystem and is enthusiastically investing in innovative solutions to support our customers' cash and payment businesses.

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